Tuesday, 9 June 2015

knowledge seeker

lo exam-2 ni la mood nak berblog tu membara-2

k sebenarnya blog ni since habis sekolah if tak silap
but I deleted all the post before cause it seems lol tu me

okay here it started
before this I keep questoning why the heck I need to go to school
and all the answers were like because you need to have a good grades in order to fullfil the vacancy (da tak vacance sangat da sekarang) in company or govern
tak pun untuk dapat kerja yang baik-2 dan tolong parents and sorts

but when I'm teenage, I didnt see that people with good grades become good people
some of them become murderer, do things like rasuah, pregnancy  before marriage, bomoh thingy and benda-2 yang tak masuk akal.
banyak je yang phd holder ada pangkat tan sri bagai, but they do bad thing.
condemning other parties admitting that they are the best (like, who on earth are the best?)

it made me feel like what exactly i need to do and why on earth i need to study?
is it just because to have a good grades? and then what? soon i will die and then?
those questions lead me to nowhere

so, when I was registered to USM i joined this so called usrah and meet my kak naqibah fatin syaza
she answered me "cause we need to change this society. help ummah with our knowledge"

the key is knowledge
only with knowledge people will respect us and hear our voice

with knowledge Allah will increase our level  <3

and yes, only with knowledge we will achieve what we want dunya and akhirah. there is hadis about this go google yourself

thats it. we just need knowledge
and note that you are studying just for knowledge and you decide it wether you want to use it for Allah or you want it as to fullfil your desire

#knowledge seeker

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